Midland’s Treasure Trove of Mid-Century Modern Architecture

Stateside’s radio conversation with Craig McDonald

Listen to Michigan Radio’s Stateside interview with Craig McDonald regarding “Midland’s treasure trove of mid-century modern architecture”

“From furniture showrooms to television shows like Mad Men, mid-century modern style has seen a renaissance in recent years. But for the people living in the city of Midland, those clean, sleek lines are a part of everyday life.

The city has an unusually large number of mid-century modern structures that include residential homes, doctor’s offices, fire stations, churches, and businesses.

Stateside spoke with Craig McDonald, director of the Alden B. Dow Home and Studio in Midland, about the city’s architectural treasures and the two-year effort to document them through the Mid-Century Modern Midland project.

Popularized from the 1930s through the 1960s, mid-century modern architecture emphasized functionality while simultaneously integrating beauty into the structural form. At its early arrival, the structures were avant-garde, seemingly futuristic, stressing a strong horizontal orientation with clean lines.”

written by Stateside production assistant, Katie Raymond.


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