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There are over 400 incredible MCM structures woven throughout the Midland community.

The Mission of MCMM is to document, preserve, celebrate, share and perpetuate the Mid-Century Modern architectural heritage of Midland, Michigan. In the early 1930s, Alden B. Dow F.A.I.A. introduced modern design to Midland, Michigan and created over 130 structures during his 50-year career. His innovative and dynamic structures initiated an architectural heritage that is unprecedented in the United States.

Dow’s creative concepts inspired dozens of other architects, including Jackson Hallett A.I.A, Glenn Beach A.I.A., Robert Schwartz A.I.A, and Francis “Red” Warner A.I.A.  These gifted architects and more, also created beautifully-crafted Mid-Century Modern structures that are an integral part of the over 400 buildings that dominate Midland.  As each structure and the story of this incredible body of work is documented, it will further enhance Michigan’s incredible design heritage and highlight those individuals who created new definitions and solutions in design and architecture.

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