Lewis Stevens


Lewis Everett Stevens attended the University of Michigan and received a Taliesin Fellowship to study with Frank Lloyd Wright, where he met Alden and Vada Dow. Stevens and Robert Goodall, who worked at Taliesen, came to Midland in the early 1930s . Lewis Stevens’ identified body of work in Midland consists of  two houses. The John and Pat Zimmerman house at 2825 Chippewa Lane was designed in December, 1935 for a Mr. Otis. The original drawings remain with the house. On the authority of Ned Arbury, the house at 1502 Crane Court was also designed by Stevens; City records indicate the house was built in 1935. Both Stevens and Robert Goodall roomed with Ned’s mother, Mrs. A.S. Arbury, on McGregor Street.

Stevens entered the federal service in 1936. While with the Farm Security Administration, he helped plan the Greenbelt Project.

During WWII, Col. Stevens served in Europe and maintained an active role in the Reserves. He graduated from the National War College in 1954, and spent three years at the NATO headquarters in Paris. He also worked for the Federal Housing Administration and the Central Intelligence Agency during his career,

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