Artists in Architecture


BREED                            MORRISON                             WINSLOW
Sunday, September 15th, 2019
Cost is $20
Self Guided Tours
Advanced ticket sales only.
You will not be able to purchase tickets the day of the event.Explore the living environments designed by, or currently lived in, by three of Midland’s most influential artists and their families:
Charles Breed
Dave Morrison
Bruce Winslow

Breed Residence, 1955 by Jackson Hallett, AIA, and Charles Breed
4202 Sherwood Court
Morrison Residence, 1970 by James Robertson
3602 Windsor Court

Roberts (Winslow) Residence, 1960 by James Robertson and Jim Roberts
818 W. Meadowbrook Drive

“Why strive to be creative”, perhaps I should ask, “Why strive to breathe?”  In most creative personalities, it is every bit as necessary to be creative as it is to take in oxygen.  It is a simple prerequisite of life.  To many – to most – of us, to live is to be creative.  There is no alternative.”  
                                                                                                           Alden B. Dow