Midland Events

The main goal of the organization is to increase knowledge of Midland’s rich Mid-Century Modern heritage by offering a forum to feature articles, presentations and research focused on architecture and design as well as opening the doors to some of the Midland’s architecturally significant structures with annual tours.

Past Events

2018-June 22 Cranbrook Day Trip

2017-October 29 The Mysticism of Religious Architecture George Pappas

2017-April 25 Henry Whiting Lecture







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  1. HI,I am Ralph Rye, owner of the Glenn Beach, Wolgast house
    in Hemlock Mi. Just a note, Glen Beach’s widow is still alive,
    She informed me that the archive of his work is preserved at
    the castle museum historical archive in Saginaw. She might
    be worth an interview while she is still around. RKR

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