List of Architects to Research

As a way to document the architects who contributed the architectural Heritage of Midland, we have compiled a list of employees that worked for Alden B. Dow and other architects that we know designed structures in Midland.  We know this list will grow and change as we gain more knowledge.

Click here for Architects list for researchers 

If you have contact information for any of these individuals or their families,  can you please contact our office.  We would like to make contact with as many of them as possible to see if they would be willing to assist in our documenting process.

If you would like to collect information on one or more of these individuals, please contact us.  We are assigning one volunteer to each architect/designer.  The names that are highlighted in yellow have already been assigned to a volunteer.

You can contact Carol Neff at 989-839-2744 or email her at