The City

“A city is a concentration of variety.  Like a huge demographic atom, it has an individualism unique to itself. Cities may look alike from afar, but up close they follow the pattern of the atom, the daisy, or the human being.

It takes people to make a city. They mold the city.  Their individualisms produce a final composition – the city – with a distinctiveness unduplicated.  In a large magnificent interaction, the individual human beings relate to the individualistic city and create a force that attracts and holds a city together.

If it is to grow into a great city, its people must actively express its beliefs and principles.  It must develop a faith in its own “city-force” and enthusiasm.  It must project its potential in its own individualism.  To truly progress, a city should never “copy” what’s being done in another city.  If it cannot figure out a better way of doing its tasks, in its own individual way, it is best not to do it at all…”

Alden B. Dowpicture1picture2